The Great Barn, Much Marcle, Herefordshire
“Patrick is unusual.
He seemed in his characterful and exhilarating playing, to wilfully exist on the creative fringes of the only just possible and to set up a musical momentum that shared his experience of timeless, irresistible passion with his mesmerised, appreciative audience.”
Stella Seaton-Sims

Keswick Music Society (Theatre by the Lake) 2017
Beethoven: Diabelli Variations. Chopin Etudes. Op. 10
“One cannot only be amazed at the technique of this young pianist, his stamina and his musical memory as he performed for over one and a half hours without music and without a stumble. Though, like all the audience I was in awe of his technical accomplishment, it was the moments of repose that stood out for me as Hemmerlé delicately controlled the piano creating a warmth of tone and beauty. The 24th Variation (Fughetta) in the Beethoven and the third “Etude” by Chopin were quite sublime and I didn’t want them to end.”
JCG, Keswick

Scots Kirk, Paris
Bach : 48 Preludes and Fugues. Book 1.
“……I’ve never known anyone play the 48 as revealingly and fascinatingly…most of the people in the room were on the edge of their seats all evening… some very distinguished musicians were in the audience for his concert in my series and they were mightily impressed, notably the distinguished French pianist, Eric Heidsieck.”
Paul Snelgrove. organiser ‘Rue Bayard’ concert series

Senate House, Prague
Inaugural concert for the promotion of the work and legacy of Vieteslav Novak. Senate House, Prague.
“Absolutely brilliant, unearthly”
“Fascinating musicality”

Cambridge Summer Music Festival, 2018
“Hemmerlé began the evening with Debussy’s Préludes whose exquisite imagism he beautifully transmitted throughout the entire recital…Versatility was never in question either from a spellbinding diminuendo in movement 10 ( Canope) to the virtuosic achievement of the finale, the fiendishly difficult Feu d’artifice…”.
Of the Chopin Preludes:
“… at times Hemmerlé was visibly transported. Who couldn’t be? The music had cast its spell and his transfixed audience was loud in its acclaim as it called for more. It is devoutly to be wished that Patrick will return to the festival.”
John Gilroy. Cambridge Independent.
“Last night’s piano recital by Patrick Hemmerlé was astonishing. Such a privilege to listen to such artistry”
David Hill. Director Cambridge Summer Music Festival.

Lake District Summer Music Festival, 2018
“Spellbinding”…”superb. A thrilling performer”…”Never heard the Chopin Preludes played with such delicacy, passion and understanding. Very moving”

Temple Saint-Marcel, Paris
“A magnificent Rudepoema by Patrick Hemmerlé. We eagerly look forward to the appearance of his album, devoted to Roger-Ducasse on Label Melism in 2019.”
Pierre-Yvette Lascar.
“… an especially talented pianist with flair and style. A pianist to watch out for.”
Bertrand Boissard. (Diapason)

Recital for the Kings School, Ely, Concert Society
The Society has brought many fine musicians to Ely and Patrick Hemmerlé must be one of the finest. This phenomenal pianist received his training in France and his understanding and appreciation of French music is breath- taking. Many of the works were popular items that have been played at concerts many times but Patrick outshone any performances I have heard.”
Rosemary Westwell.

Clare Hall, Cambridge
Schubert and Beethoven last three Sonatas.
“…I was only able to attend the first recital, which comprised the first three Beethoven Sonatas; and I can only say that if the Schubert evening was as technically and musically impressive, I must have missed a real and rare pianistic treat…The attentive audience in the packed hall was not disappointed. Mr. Hemmerlé’s technique is fully up to meeting the wide-ranging demands in terms of subtlety and variety of mood of op. 109, 110 and 111. What is more important: his musicianship is such that the technique encompasses much more than getting the notes, tempi and dynamics right.”
James Day. Cambridge Evening News